Alesia Restaurant – French & Vietnamese Fusion

So we were waiting to go back to try some more of their dishes (and we definitely will go back!) before posting, but we decided to just go ahead tell the world about this place. A combination of French and Vietnamese, Alesia Restaurant, isn’t the typical grab a bowl of Pho restaurant. Don’t get me wrong, we do have our favorite go-to Pho places. But Alesia’s has that homey local restaurant feel with a lot of class, that we think separates it from the others. It even has a little bakery set up inside, with both indoor and outdoor setting. We were craving more on the Vietnamese side on our first go around, but next time we try more of the French dishes.

This Clam Chowder came with the Banh Mi for lunch. It was pretty good on the side, we had no complaints. Their Banh Mi really stood out because of the quality of the Pate, ham, and thin sliced salami. The bread was also one of the freshest we’ve had in a Banh Mi.

One of my favorites to order for Vietnamese food is the vermicelli dishes, this one didn’t disappoint either. They even served the heavily caramelized grilled pork skewer on the side :).

How can we not go without desert? Their yummy crepes were the perfect end to our first time meal! Shout out to Alesia and their owners for giving us a great experience. We will be back!

Location: 7204 Central Avenue St. Petersburg, FL

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