Rollbotto Sushi

Welcome to the future of sushi. This is the first we’ve heard about a chipotle style sushi place with their method of innovated sushi making. Who doesn’t love personalization? Great location too, right in the heart of downtown St. Petersburg. The foundation of the sushi (rice + nori) is created by a machine, then ingredients are added to your choosing. The overall quality of the sushi is good, fish is fresh, rice seasoned correctly.

This place is pretty new only a few months old but the only quip we have with the place is the price. The rolls are somewhat bigger and for two rolls with our choices, it cost a little over $17. But, this is comparable to our favorite sushi places prices. This may be that we chose the more expensive protein (unagi and yellow tail). Word of mouth is spreading quickly about Rollbotto!

Rollbotto Sushi

221 1st Street NE, 33701 St. Petersburg, FL

Alesia Restaurant – French & Vietnamese Fusion

So we were waiting to go back to try some more of their dishes (and we definitely will go back!) before posting, but we decided to just go ahead tell the world about this place. A combination of French and Vietnamese, Alesia Restaurant, isn’t the typical grab a bowl of Pho restaurant. Don’t get me wrong, we do have our favorite go-to Pho places. But Alesia’s has that homey local restaurant feel with a lot of class, that we think separates it from the others. It even has a little bakery set up inside, with both indoor and outdoor setting. We were craving more on the Vietnamese side on our first go around, but next time we try more of the French dishes.

This Clam Chowder came with the Banh Mi for lunch. It was pretty good on the side, we had no complaints. Their Banh Mi really stood out because of the quality of the Pate, ham, and thin sliced salami. The bread was also one of the freshest we’ve had in a Banh Mi.

One of my favorites to order for Vietnamese food is the vermicelli dishes, this one didn’t disappoint either. They even served the heavily caramelized grilled pork skewer on the side :).

How can we not go without desert? Their yummy crepes were the perfect end to our first time meal! Shout out to Alesia and their owners for giving us a great experience. We will be back!

Location: 7204 Central Avenue St. Petersburg, FL

Alésia Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Gulf Coast Po’Boys

Sorry no new posts in a while. We have been busy with moving into a new place! More cooking posts to come :).

While attending the first food truck rally in Pinellas County area we happened to stumble upon Gulf Coast Po’Boys. The place is small and not eye catching at all.

But what it lacks in size they heavily make up in food. We normally would try a shrimp, oyster or crab po’boy but instead switched it up with the dirty roast beef. The beef was very tender and accompanied by some au jus, cole slaw, and potato salad. The au jus with the dirty beef is a must. The cole slaw was vinegar based, which we’re not usually accustomed to, but it was good, as was the potato salad. Overall the food was great and the service was awesome, the owner doesn’t let anyone tip. We really like to support the local restaurants as much as we can!

Gulf Coast Po’Boys

312 West Bay Drive

Largo, FL 33770

Simply Delicious – Yummy Cuban Sandwiches!

You would never know that Simply Delicious, a small sandwich shop in St. Petersburg, FL, would have such a huge sandwich. This is now our go to place when we crave a Cuban! Tip: This hole in the wall is CASH only!

BAM! Larger than your average foot long Subway sub. Your traditional Cuban consists of ham, pork, swiss cheese, mustard, and pickles. This sandwich is literally overstuffed with that plus more, also soaked with their special sauce. This one is enough for two people to share.

Simply Delicious

2128 9th Ave. North
St. Petersburg, FL 33713

Lanna Thai

Lanna Thai is our home away from home when it comes to Thai food. We are regulars here and enjoy their authentic dishes. When you first walk in you’re greeted with extravagant Thai decor. The workers are also dressed up in traditional attire. They have a large and diverse selection of food including the traditional dishes, seafood, microbiotic food, and even sushi. They hold true to the authentic taste of Thai/Lao flavors and you really can’t go wrong with any dish. However, as far as the sushi we’d recommend they should stick with what they do best, Thai food.

Amazing Beef

Amazing Chicken

The Amazing sauce can be made with almost anything. It’s a type of asian style sweet peanut curry sauce that is packed with flavor. You can also choose between the spicy level on all dishes. There is a real difference between hot and Thai hot!

Crispy Duck Plate – This was one of the first times we tried the duck. It was very much cooked to perfection.

Of course, the ever so popular Pad Thai. It is our favorite because they have the pad thai sauce on point.

Another favorite dish not pictured is their Lad Na noodles, also a hit!

It’s always nice to have some Thai tea :)


4871 Park Street N St. Petersburg, FL

Moscatos Bella Cucina

Nestled in the heart of downtown St. Petersburg, Moscatos Bella Cucina first came to our attention when we went for brunch and fell in love with their crepes. This time around we went for dinner and brought some of our friends.

We arrived with a fairly large party so we got to sit in the special lounge area in the back. The atmosphere is both eclectic and classy and they had a live band playing.

We love how they make their own bread and pasta. The brushetta and calamari were amazing. The calamari sauce really surprised us with its rich and herby flavor.

We shared the Chicken Saltimbocca & Pasta between the two of us. Thought it was a great combination and overall great dish. Again, their sauce was very flavorful with just the right about of herbs.

Here are some dishes our friends ordered:

Vegetarian cheese lasagna

Vegetarian homemade angel hair with fresh mozzarella, zucchini, squash, and spinach

Italian Club sandwich

Now for the drum roll…The desserts! The crepes are fluffy on the inside and crisp on the outside. The cannoli cream topped off the night for all of us.

499 Central Ave

St. Petersburg, FL

Ha Long Bay – Craving Dim Sum?

We had a huge craving for Dim Sum and Ha Long Bay in St. Petersburg, FL was the first place we thought of. Ha Long Bay advertises itself as Vietnamese cuisine but serves Dim Sum and sushi. The atmosphere is one of the nicer Vietnamese restaurants around town also. Not the best Dim Sum we’ve had, but there were a few hits from the cart we loved.

Shrimp and Crab Dumpings – Although the shrimp and crab was a good combination, these weren’t anything special.

Shrimp Dumplings – The seafood wasn’t all that fresh and these tasted like the shrimp and crab dunplings.

BBQ Pork Steamed Buns – A favorite! We were surprised as how much flavor were in these steamed buns.

Beef Short Ribs – Tasty but not as flavorful as should be.

Pork and Shrimp Dumplings – Another favorite.

Calamari – This was a miss, the breading was too overpowering, we’ve had better!

5944 34th St. N

St. Petersburg, FL

Dim Sum menu:

The Taco Bus

Food trucks, a common street food grub in our favorite city of San Francisco. We were especially excited to hear the food truck phase was growing in the Tampa Bay area and The Taco Bus had one location close by in St. Petersburg, FL.

We both got two tacos each, all with different fillings (Carne Asada, Carne de Res Desebrada, Pollo, Cochinita Pibil). Our favorite was the Carne Asada. We came back a second night to get the same dish. So what did we think? The individual tacos are a little pricier than the West Coast, but they do fill them up more at The Taco Bus. Overall, we surprisingly enjoyed the experience for what St. Pete has to offer. It’s definitely not Tex-Mex.

We also loved the huge portioned drinks. Horchata, a rice with condensed milk and cinnamon/vanilla flavored drink, has always been a favorite. The watermelon drink was also refreshing and delicious. This place will probably be one of our regulars and we will most likely update you on the other menu items we try.

Location: 2324 Central Ave St. Pete FL

News: The Taco Bus will be featured on Man V. Food on the Travel Channel on September 28, 2011 at 9 pm. est!