Japantown San Francisco Adventures

After a long day exploring California Academy of Science Museum and the Japanese Tea Garden we headed to Japantown. We knew we had to try the infamous Sophie’s Crepes. We opted for the Strawberry and Nutella Crepe!

Sophie’s Crepes
1581 Webster St.
San Francisco, CA

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We explored the Japantown shops as much as we could. Charmy went crazy over the 100 yen stores or referred to here as the dollar store. By the time we finished shopping, it was time for dinner. We wanted to try out some yakiniku at Juban, the equivalent to korean bbq. The prices were kind of steep for the amount of food we ate, but nevertheless it was a good food experience. We got an assortment of Kalbi beef, ribeye, scallops, and veggies.

Juban Yakiniku House

1581 Webster St
(between Geary Blvd & Post St)
San Francisco, CA 94115

Ramen Ramen!


Miso Ramen

After a long day of shopping around San Francisco we ate a late dinner at Katana-Ya, a small Japanese restaurant known for their ramen. The calamari was a good start to the meal, but the miso ramen definitely caught our attention. Had a lot of flavor and the portion sizes were fairly large. The miso along with added corn, fried dumplings, seaweed, bbq pork, and egg make it delicious. It was definitely a great choice to fulfill our late night cravings.

Location: Katana-Ya
430 Geary St
San Francisco, CA 94102
Pictures from around SF:

Muracci’s Japanese Curry & Grill

Japanese curry is something that we’ve grown fond of recently. Our recent trip brought us to Murraci’s in San Francisco. Somewhat hard to find since it’s a small shop nestled in between other restaurants. The place is very small with seating for about less than 10 people, but that is to be expected in the SF city restaurants. We were lucky enough to snag a seat in the very corner, right behind two very aggressive businessmen arguing about who had the higher income… typical.

The chicken was fried to perfection. While the curry is not the absolute best we’ve had, it still had commendable taste. It could have used a bit more spice.

Location: 307 Kearny St San Francisco CA, 94108

Akane Japanese

Los Altos, California, we found a random sushi spot in the downtown area. We are HUGE sushi fans. This place is probably the best sushi we’ve had … yet. Authentic Japanese, great food, great service. We highly recommend this place for anyone in the area.

Aspara Beef Roll

The Toro runs a bit pricey. However, best thing you will probably eat in life. We think it is worth it.

Toro and spicy scallop roll

Nigiri Mix

Location: Akane Japanese Restaurant
250 3rd St
Los Altos, CA 94022
(650) 941-8150