2nd Tampa Food Truck Rally

We came ready and left with full stomachs. Our second experience at the Tampa Food Truck Rally was much better than the first and most importantly we got to explore, well, the food! This time around, the weather was nicer, we arrived earlier so the lines weren’t too bad, and we got everything we wanted to try. Not only was the location bigger, there were several more trucks showcasing their food. It is really exciting to see just how the food truck craze is rapidly growing in the Tampa Bay Area.

Here are our favorites:

The first stop was the La Creperia Cafe truck. We wanted to get a head start at the dessert before it got too busy. They had both dessert style and savory style crepes. We didn’t go wrong with the banana nutella filled crepe ($4), and hope to try out more crepes from them.

Their homebase:

1729 East 7th Ave
Tampa, FL

The crab filled empanadas ($3) from the Mr. Empanada (http://www.mrempanada.com/) truck were also a hit appetizer.

Fire Monkey Food Truck won as our favorite truck. This was one of the first places we tried as we didn’t get a chance to last time. They offered a very unique selection of food that we really can’t categorize into one type.

We got a wrap filled with grilled chicken, wasabi sauce, mozzarella, and plantains. What a crazy combination of sweet and spicy… we loved it! Also, the fried plantains with spicy aioli sauce was delicious. (total $10)

Fire Monkey FB page: http://www.facebook.com/FireMonkeyFoodTruck

Our first Food Truck Rally post: here

1st Tampa Food Truck Rally

Both our secret dream of owning our own food truck and bringing something we love from the West Coast to Florida contributed to our excitement for the 1st Tampa Food Truck Rally. Our first experience taught us to 1. Come early 2. Be prepared for staying out in the sun. We arrived around 1 pm, just in time for the lunch rush. Because more people came out than expected, lines were long (as expected) and food ran out quickly. Some of the food trucks there were Wicked Wiches, Fire Monkey, The Cuppin Cake, Fat Tortillas, Coconut Bo’s, 3 Ballers, Killer Samich, Michelle Faedo’s, Nelly Nel’s, and Buddy Brew Coffee.

We did get a chance to grab a Tuna and Roast Beef sandwich from Michelle Faedo’s before they ran out.

Roast Beef

Tuna Sandwich

Our lovely food friend for the day!

Nevertheless, we can really tell this is a big hit for the Tampa area. We are excited for the upcoming Tampa Food Rally Events. Next event will be October 22, 2011.

The Taco Bus

Food trucks, a common street food grub in our favorite city of San Francisco. We were especially excited to hear the food truck phase was growing in the Tampa Bay area and The Taco Bus had one location close by in St. Petersburg, FL.

We both got two tacos each, all with different fillings (Carne Asada, Carne de Res Desebrada, Pollo, Cochinita Pibil). Our favorite was the Carne Asada. We came back a second night to get the same dish. So what did we think? The individual tacos are a little pricier than the West Coast, but they do fill them up more at The Taco Bus. Overall, we surprisingly enjoyed the experience for what St. Pete has to offer. It’s definitely not Tex-Mex.

We also loved the huge portioned drinks. Horchata, a rice with condensed milk and cinnamon/vanilla flavored drink, has always been a favorite. The watermelon drink was also refreshing and delicious. This place will probably be one of our regulars and we will most likely update you on the other menu items we try.

Location: 2324 Central Ave St. Pete FL


News: The Taco Bus will be featured on Man V. Food on the Travel Channel on September 28, 2011 at 9 pm. est!