Our Week of Instafood: 4/7/13 to 4/13/13

Hi all! This is going to be a new series on GT. We don’t seem to update as much with real posts because our traveling is limited right now and we just haven’t found any exciting places lately. But this will be a good way to show where we have been, or rather where we are eating each week. Yup, we’re some of those people that like to take pictures of our food and Instagram is addicting. Search for or hashtag GRUMBLINGTUMMY with us!



Starting from the top (L to R)

1. Guppy’s on the Beach – Indian Rocks Beach, FL – Lobster Ravioli, Braised Pork Chop, Potato Crusted Salmon

2. Alesia Restaurant – St. Petersburg, FL – Beef Salad

2.  Alesia Restaurant – St. Petersburg, FL – Asian Style Beef Stew

4. Grub on Laos New Year at the temple!

Jai Lao Papaya Salad

We are honored to dedicate this post to the Jai Lao organization, based in San Ramon, California. The organization helps alleviate financial hardships for Laotians in Laos. Specifically, they hope to improve schools and education for disadvantaged children.

Papaya salad is a Laotian dish that stands out the most. One of the prime ingredients is padaek, a thicker fish sauce made of fermented fish. It doesn’t sound so elegant but don’t knock it till you try it! The ladies of Jai Lao makes the best papaya salad I have ever had (sorry mom). They brew their own padaek, from scratch. Everything in the papaya salad blends well together but the padaek adds that extra kick.

By the way help their cause by checking out their website and donating here: Jai Lao.